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Exposure to Toxicants Affects Everyone, Especially the Very Young

The alcohol dehydrogenase isoenzyme (ADH I) as a marker of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy

The Effects of Alcohol and Opioid Withdrawal During Pregnancy

The effect of maternal smoking and alcohol consumption on lip morphology

Maternal Substance Use Disorder: A Look at Provider Stigma, Attitudes, and Beliefs

The Influence of Prenatal Alcohol and Tobacco Exposures on Offspring Mental Health and Substance Use Outcomes

Choline Metabolism Gene-Exposure Interactions in Fetal Alcohol-related Memory Deficits

Health, social and legal outcomes of individuals with diagnosed or at risk for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: Canadian example

Utilization of psychotropic medications in children with FASD: a retrospective review

Suicidality and Associated Factors Among Individuals Assessed for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Across the Lifespan in Canada

A Qualitative Systematic Review of Factors Associated with Alcohol Use, Reduction, and Abstinence in Pregnancy

Exploring the experiences of social workers in working with children suspected to have fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

‘Think before you drink’: Challenging narratives on foetal alcohol spectrum disorder and indigeneity in Canada

Alcohol use during pregnancy and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Canada: who, what, where?

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and the Risk of Depression in Offspring: a Meta-Analysis

Practice change intervention to improve antenatal care addressing alcohol consumption during pregnancy: a randomised stepped-wedge controlled trial

Preconception substance use and risk of unintended pregnancy

Assessment of alcohol Utilization during pregnancy and its associated factors among reproductive women in Mecha Woreda of North Western Ethiopia

Is Public Health Response to the Phenomenon of Alcohol Use during Pregnancy Adequate to the Polish Women’s Needs?

Mood and neurotic disorders among youth with prenatal substance exposure. A longitudinal register-based cohort study

Sex, Gender, and Alcohol Use: Implications for Women and Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines

The effects of alcohol consumption on fetal craniofacial development during gestation: a systematic review

Trend Analysis of Substance Use Disorder During Pregnancy

Can routine screening for alcohol consumption in pregnancy be ethically and legally justified?

Transgenerational Effects of Prenatal Ethanol Exposure in Prepubescent Mice

Adult Daughters of Alcoholic Parents—A Qualitative Study of These Women’s Pregnancy Experiences and the Potential Implications for Antenatal Care Provision

Utilization of psychotropic medications in children with FASD

Pre-pregnancy lifestyle characteristics and risk of miscarriage

The effect of astaxanthin treatment on the rat model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

The role of oxidative stress in FASD

Motor performance and sensory processing behaviors among children with FASD

Exposure of neonatal rats to alcohol

Insights into FASD using PAE Mouse Models

Responding to the Unique Complexities of FASD

Prenatal alcohol exposure and developmental programming of mental illness

Mental Health and Affect Regulation Impairment in FASD

Dog Assisted Therapy for Children and Adolescentes with FASD

Characterizing adverse prenatal and postnatal experiences in Children

Barriers to screening pregnant women for alcohol or other drugs-A narrative synthesis

Comparing outcomes of children and youth with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) in the child welfare system to those in other living situations in Canada

Biomarkers for the Detection of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: A Review

Review and gap analysis molecular pathways leading to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

Alcohol Teratogenesis: Mechanisms of Damage and Strategies for Intervention

Substance Use in Pregnancy: Identifying Stigma and Improving Care

The role of commucation in addressing sociocultural factors that influence pregnant woman to drink alcohol

Maternal Risk Factors for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and pFAS in South Africa

FASD and Youth Justice

FAE Biochemical findings and insights into clinical outcome

Cost attributable to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in the Canadian correctional system

Prenatal alcohol exposure, adaptive function, and entry into adult roles in a prospective study of young adults

Caregiver needs and stress in caring for individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Alcohol use during pregnancy in Rakai, Uganda

Intergenerational genetic programming mechanism

Screening for Alcohol Use in Pregnancy a Review of Current Practices and Perspectives

Think before you drink_Canada

Alcohol’s Impact on the Fetus

Budget Impact Analysis of an Epigenetic Test Used for Diagnosing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder from the Perspective of a Laboratory Budget Holder in Manitoba, Canada

Children with FASD and their experiences of school belonging

Association between pregnancy intention and smoking or alcohol consumption in the preconception and pregnancy periods. A systematic review and meta-analysis

The experiences of youth with FASD

Association between pregnancy intention and smoking or alcohol consumption in the preconception and pregnancy periods: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Characteristics and behaviors of mothers who have a child with fetal alcohol syndrome

Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy—A multinational European study

Risk factors for alcohol use during pregnancy in a multistate area

Prenatal alcohol-induced sex differences in immune, metabolic and neurobehavioral outcomes in adult rats

Understanding the social stigma of FASD

100 Awareness Ideas #SeeFASD

Children and Youth with FASD_Justice Protections

Health literacy among pregnant women

Maternal weight and diet as protective factors against the adverse effects of PAE

Pregnancy and Substance Use

Maternal smoking trajectory during pregnancy

Institutionalisation and deinstitutionalisation of children

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and the Fear of Indigenous (dis)Order

Nightmares in children with FASD, ASD and their typically developing peers

Sleep problems among children with FASD

Mindfulness w pracy profilaktycznej i terapeutycznej z dziećmi i młodzieżą

Understanding the social stigma of FASD

Narrative Study of Educational Stigmatization in Parents with FASD children

Development & Implementation of FASD KAP Survey for Australian Aboriginals

Exposure to ethanol leads to midfacial hypoplasia

Brief alcohol intervention to reduce risky drinking in pregnancy

Maternal smoking trajectory during pregnancy

Metabolic and Body Composition Outcomes

Patterns and prevalence of alcohol consumption in pregnancy using infant biomarkers

Intimate partner violence and its associated factor among pregnant women

Intimate Partner Violence During Pregnancy

Pregnant women and substance use fear, stigma, and barriers to care

Supporting the message: alcohol and pregnancy do not mix

Understanding the Social Stigma of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Impacts of Maternal Diet and Alcohol Consumption during Pregnancy on Maternal and Infant Gut Microbiota

Multi-service prevention programs for pregnant women

Maternal substance use in pregnancy Differential prediction by childhood adversity subtypes

Alcohol and Other Drug workforce perspectives on preventing and responding to prenatal alcohol exposure

The role of prenatal substance use, socioeconomic adversity, maternal depression and sensitivity, and children’s conscience

Self-care in caregivers of children with FASD How do caregivers care for themselves, and what are the benefits and obstacles for doing so

Prevention of Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder among Pregnant and Postpartum Women A Systematic Review

Guideline No. 405: Screening and Counselling for Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy

Alcohol and Cancer_ Raport WHO_2020

Mental Health and Substance Use during COVID19

Perspectives of Canadian Health Care Providers on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Institutionalized Children and the Risk of FASD

Maternal Tobacco and Alcohol Use in Relation to Child

Barriers and enablers of implementation of alcohol guidelines with pregnant women: a cross-sectional survey among UK midwives

Examing the representation of social actors in FASD prevention campaings

A guideline for the prevention and management of FASD in South Africa

Epigenetic Clock Analysis in Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

FASD. A policy perspective

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Prevention_Canadian Perspective

An investigation of the link between prenatal alcohol exposure and sleep problems across childhood

The Prevalence and Characteristic of Sleep Problems among Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)

A Systematic Review of Interventions to Improve Mental Health and Substance Use-FASD

Are psychosocial interventions effective in reducing alcohol consumption during pregnancy

Considering Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy—A multinational European

Glutathione Protects the Developing Heart from Defects and Global DNA Hypomethylation

Hospitalizations and mortality - patients with FASD

Metabolic Changes in Newborns and Women

Pregnancy persistently reduces alcohol purchases

The Significance of Tetrogenic Effect of Alcohol on the Fetus

The influence of perinatal nicotine and alcohol exposure

Incontinence in persons with FASD. Polish cohort

Children adopted from Poland display a high risk of foetal alcohol spectrum

Elements for developing community-based interventions for adults with FASD

Factors predictive of a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder diagnosis Parent and teacher ratings

Responding to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Australia

Folic acid reduces the ethanol-induced morphological and behavioral defects

Murine Models for the Study of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders An Overview

Screening for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in forensic mental health settings

Social predictors of alcohol use and cessation during pregnancy among Japanese women

Alcohol Use Trajectories Before and After Pregnancy Among Adolescent and Young Adult Mothers

Association of prenatal alcohol exposure with preadolescent alcoholsipping in the ABCD study

A systematic review of economic evaluations of antenatal nutrition and alcohol interventions and their associated implementation interventions



Learning From Vulnerable Populations. Methodological Implications of Interviewing

Prenatal alcohol exposure induced congenital heart diseases

Maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy associates with bone fractures in early childhood.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): an Approach to Effective Prevention


Drinking at the end of pregnancy: why don’t we see it?

Alcohol use, pregnancy and associated risk factors

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy and lactation

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder predisposes to metabolic abnormalities in adulthood

Folic acid supplement rescues ethanol-induced developmental defects in the zebrafish embryos

Alcohol, smoking, and other substance use in the perinatal period

FASD new insights from zebrafish

Rescue of ethanol-induced FASD-like phenotypes via prenatal co-administration of choline

Prenatal alcohol exposure and offspring liver dysfunction a systematic review and meta-analysis



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